Basic Burger

Over the last 2 weeks, I have been blessed with eating yummy homemade burgers by two ladies (my neighbour and church CG member). I would meet this neighbour every Tuesday at my place or her place because her daughter is the same age as Y. And she is from my home country! And typical of an Indonesian, she cooks well, especially Indonesian dishes.

My CG leader’s wife is also a very hospitable and generous lady. We attended the Momentum Conference on Labour’s Day and thanks to her foresight, she made burgers for our lunch so that we did not need to squeeze with the crowd and spend alot of money, since it was at Suntec City.

And so, I was inspired to try making my own. I looked for the easiest recipe online, one that doesn’t require many ingredients. So I chose one that doesn’t require breadcrumbs since I don’t have, and too lazy to make my own. But this recipe has onions. I’m sure some people don’t like to eat onions. Don’t add the onions if you don’t like it.

IMG_2016-05-10 07:49:49

Basic Burger Recipe

This recipe made 4 big and 5 small  thick patties.


600gr minced beef (I bought frozen minced beef)

2 eggs

1 big onion diced finely


Black pepper

Hamburger bun

Optional toppings:

Mushrooms (I used Bunashimeiji since it’s in my fridge)

1 Onion


Sliced Cheese

Tomato sliced (But I didn’t have it in my fridge. It would have looked nice in the burger)

Chilli Sauce (I used bottled Maggi Chilli Sauce)

IMG_2016-05-10 07:51:01

IMG_2016-05-10 07:50:35

After shaping the patties, use cling wrap to cover and place in the fridge for 30mins

IMG_2016-05-10 07:50:47

Grease the pan. Turn over the patty when it has turned brown at least half way. For this thickness, I used medium low  fire so that it won’t get burnt on the outside but raw on the inside.

The bigger patty had a higher risk of breaking apart, as you can see in the photo above. But it was still ok because I tried to be very careful when flipping with my spatula.

IMG_2016-05-10 07:50:41

Don’t press down the patty or else you are letting the meat juices escape. If you don’t like the raw look on the sides of the patties, turn them on their sides to brown the sides as well.

I didn’t dice my onions small enough. You can see all the bits falling out of the patty.

IMG_2016-05-10 07:50:14

Let the patties rest for awhile so that it can continue to cook through on the inside.

IMG_2016-05-10 07:50:09

After the patties are done, add some more oil or butter. Thrown in the onions and mushrooms. Sprinkle salt and black pepper. Let them brown and caramelize. Very sweet and yummy.

IMG_2016-05-10 07:49:57

I had avocado in my fridge… Add some power nutrition to the seemingly unhealthy food

IMG_2016-05-10 07:50:27

N likes this combi of mushrooms, onions, cheese and burger. Q doesn’t like mushrooms. I didn’t let them try avocado.

IMG_2016-05-10 07:50:04

Mini Burger. Used the small butter roll from Gardenia. The Sunshine brand would be better because their shape is more uniform and not squashed up but I could’t find it in the supermarket yesterday.

IMG_2016-05-10 07:49:40

The adult burger with air-fried fries. Used the Sunshine Extra Fine Wholemeal Burger Bun. A slice of tomato would have made this burger look even nicer with a dash of red.

This burger is suitable for picnics and parties (especially the mini ones), and of course your main meals. I thought it still tasted nice even when it has turned cold.



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