Hong Kong Trip with Young Kids Day 2 out of 7

L’Hotel -> Dim Sum Bar Breakfast -> Disneyland (Tomorrowland) -> (Fantasyland) Banquet Hall Lunch -> Fantasy Parade -> (Fantasyland) -> Stars Diner (Tomorrowland) Dinner -> Night Time Parade -> L’Hotel

* Tips: Always check the Disneyland Calendar for the day you are visiting to know which rides/shows are closed so that you can manage your expectations. For example, the Lion King show and the Grizzly Gulch were closed. Some diners were also closed. 

Check the timing of the parades and fireworks too. I don’t think you want to miss them. If you are crazy about taking photos with the mascots, then you can even check out where they are stationed. We didn’t queue up to take photo with any…. We love taking rides more… 🙂

15th March 2016 (Tuesday)

City view from our room at 7am+

8am : Breakfast at Dim Sum Bar, Nina Tower

Before coming to Hong Kong, I tried to do research online where to have breakfast near our hotel. I couldn’t find much info and so, we just went to the nearest dim sum restaurant at Nina Tower, which is easily accessible from the hotel lobby. All you need to do is to go up the escalator, and you’ll see the restaurant immediately. The other obvious choice was at JPone, if you like congee and fish soup. My kids don’t like to eat porridge… Both restaurants open at 8am.

Doing food research in Hong Kong

Besides reading blogs on finding food recommendations, I also depend alot on Open Rice and Tripadvisor etc. Open Rice also a free phone app which you can download onto your hp.

Hong Kong Day2 4

I ordered too much for our first Hong Kong dim sum meal… 12 dishes for 3 adults and 3 young kids (considered as 1 adult) is simply too much! A better estimation is 2 dishes per adult and so, 8 dishes would suffice.

The photo below (top left) is just to say DON’T order the steamed dumplings shaped like baby octopuses. It was terrible!! It didn’t look like a baby octopus either… Other than that, it wasn’t too bad. Since there weren’t many people at 8am, their service was attentive. The menu was also in English, so it was easy to order. Not cheap. Spent about $480 just for a breakfast… At least we were full and charged to start an entire day at Disneyland.

Hong Kong Day2 8

For a cheaper alternative, we found out later that we could have a more authentic Hong Kong dim sum experience if we had just walked abit more to Citywalk 2. I will share about that later at Day 7. But that restaurant would require you to know how to read Chinese…

Hong Kong Day2 16

We had time to go back to the hotel room for a toilet bomb break. Otherwise, just leave earlier so that you can reach Disneyland at 9.45am since Main Street opens at 10am.

9.15am: We took a red taxi from the L’Hotel taxi stand to Tsing Yi MTR Station. It cost $38 but my FiL just gave $50. About 10mins ride. Taking an MTR would have been too troublesome and time consuming (2 stops to Nam Cheong & 2 stops to Tsing Yi). Of course you have the option to take a taxi all the way to Disneyland at $150, 20 mins. But taking the 1 MTR stop from Sunny Bay to Disneyland Resort is part of the Disneyland experience, as you will see later. And it’s better to take the MTR when you are still fresh and awake, than at night when you are all tired out…


Hong Kong Day2 22

Cantonese : Ching 1- Yi 1 – gong 2 – tit 3 – jaam 6

Hong Kong Day2 23

Hong Kong Day2 24

In the taxi: 5 of us behind, FiL in front seat with the driver

The taxi will being you to the lobby outside the Airport Express. Take the lift to go down to U1 because you would want to go the Tung Chung Line (Orange). There are many shops (eateries, bakeries and retail shops) at the MTR station and even a link to the Maritime Square, which is a shopping centre with many restaurants and a big supermarket. There’s also a promenade outside the mall where you can take a nice walk but of course we didn’t have time :). We were very focussed on getting to Disneyland!

Hong Kong Day2 25

Take the lift down from U4 (Airport Express) to U1 (Tung Chung Line)

There are usually many entry/exit points to the MTR at every station. So, just look out for the nearest gantry to enter. If you have a stroller or wheelchair, you are usually encouraged to take the lift. The signages are very clear as to where you should stand/sit for those with priority (with young kids/ elderly/handicapped/pregnant).

9.35am: Took MTR from Tsing Yi Station to Sunny Bay Station. 1 stop, 5 mins. Then cross over on the same platform to change to the Disneyland Resort line. 1 stop. 5 mins.

Cute Mickey Mouse windows :). Even the grab handles were Mickey Mouse shaped.

Hong Kong Day2 28

Bronze figurines of Disney characters are displayed in each train carriage

9.45am: Reached Disneyland Resort Station.

Hong Kong Day2 32

Hong Kong Day2 33

Hong Kong Day2 31

Even the MTR station is so nice and magical :). Took more photos on Day 4…

Hong Kong Day2 38

Walk down the Park Promenade (right) to go to the carpark, bus station and taxi stand

Hong Kong Disneyland Map

Hong Kong Day2 35

Hong Kong Day2 36

Buying Disneyland Tickets:

We bought the tickets online. There was a special promotion for the 2-day tickets till 30th June 2016, which explains why we came back on Day 4 again. You may visit any 2 days within a 7-day period.

  • Adults (12-64 yrs old): $599 instead of $739 (pay $60 more per adult for the 2nd day)
  • Children (3-11 yrs old): $426 instead of $525 (pay $41 more per child for the 2nd day)
  • Seniors (above 65): $170 for 2 days. No further discount.

As this is our first time to Disneyland, we didn’t want to rush through it, even though Disneyland Hong Kong is the smallest Disneyland theme park. I figured that Disneyland is more suitable for younger kids and so now is the time to enjoy this theme park. Personally, I prefer thrill rides and would have preferred to go to Ocean Park instead of spending 2 days at Disneyland. Oh well, all the more reason to come back to Hong Kong when the kids are older. 🙂

* But do check out https://www.klook.com/activity/39-hong-kong-disneyland-hong-kong/ for even better discounts for adult tickets. When I booked, the 2-day special was not offered. Now, it’s only $579 for adults. $20 cheaper! You might want to download the free Klook app on your hp.

Hong Kong Day2 39

Walk down the Park Promenade to the Moby Dick Fountain

Hong Kong Day2 40

The Entrance is on the right of the Moby Dick Fountain

Hong Kong Day2 41

The queue is for the Bag Check at Entrance

You are not allowed to bring food and drinks into Hong Kong Disneyland. I brought water bottles for each of us. You may top up water at the drinking fountains in the park. I think water bottles are fine, but mineral water bottles are not. I brought some leftover dim sum from breakfast and used my winter jacket to wrap it up :). Such as waste to throw away…  Also brought some oat biscuits (good for fighting hunger pangs while queuing up for rides) wrapped up in jackets in ziploc bags… I read somewhere that if you have young kids, snacks are usually allowed anyway… Other rules here.

Haha! Read: Costumes may not be worn by guests aged 16 or older in the park. I suppose they don’t want other guests to think that you are a staff at the park. But children can! So now is the time for the kids to wear their Elsa dresses from home, or buy them there and wear them immediately!

Hong Kong Day2 42

Hong Kong Day2 45

Print your own tickets if you have ordered online. On the far right, beside the buy-on-site Ticket Counters

If you have ordered the e-tickets online or pre-purchased it somewhere else, you would need to scan the ticket voucher QR Code on the printed the confirmation letter or receipt. Then insert the credit card that you have used to pay for it at the card reader. Then your tickets will be printed out.

Note: I couldn’t print the senior ticket and had to queue up at the Ticket counter to get it. Please bring your passport just in case, for identification. Thankfully, there’s hardly any queue at all at the Ticket counters. I think this is a low season or what? Hmm… March holidays seems to be a good time to visit Hong Kong Disneyland… Nice cool weather with not much crowd…

Hong Kong Day2 46

Hong Kong Day2 47

Our admission tickets

Even though the park only opens at 10.30am, Main Street USA is already opened at 10am. So, do go early to take photos, or look at the many retail shops. I am too stingy to go there for breakfast, but you may do so if you want :).  If you need to rent a stroller, esp when it rains (it has a rain cover), now will be a good time.

At Main Street U.S.A. The kids wanted to buy the balloons. I refused… There’s no way I’m going to pay $120 or $140 just for a balloon! I saw some people asking to take a photo by holding the bunch of balloons. No need to pay :). I was too chicken to ask…

Hong Kong Day2 54

There was a barrier in front of the roundabout at the end of Main Street U.S.A, which will only open at 10.30am. So, all these people were waiting to charge :). In the mean time, we were watching a lady accepting a marriage proposal from her boyfriend at the roundabout. Of course she said yes… Who wouldn’t? In front of so many people… Nice backdrop huh :).

10.30am: Charge!!!! People ran… and I was also very kiasu (scared to lose to others)… I ran too… I have already done my research beforehand and read that Autopia at Tomorrowland usually has the longest queue. Go there first or be prepared to queue for a longer time later.


So, chiong ah!!! Study the map first so you know which way to run! haha! First right turn. You’ll see the big Tomorrowland Sphere. Autopia’s entrance was not so obvious as it was now hidden by a construction site which is for the new Ironman Experience ride opening late 2016. Autopia is on the left of the the construction site. Park the stroller at the designated stroller parking area before joining the queue.

Thanks to my kiasu-ism, we only needed to queue for 15 mins before we got our ride. Not bad at all 🙂

Min. Height for this ride is 81cm. Our kids are shorter than 137cm, so each adult took a child. But the child took the steering wheel, while the adults helped to step on the pedal.

Hong Kong Day2 57

Instructions: Step on the pedal to move the car. To stop, take your foot off the pedal. Keep a min. one car’s distance in between the car in front of you and your car. Easy 🙂

Hong Kong Day2 61

Verdict: The ride took about 9mins each. Adults usually find it boring, while young kids love it. Just do it once lah… We wanted to ride it again later but didn’t want to queue for 30mins.

Next ride was Orbitron.

Husband didn’t want to take this ride because all it does is go round and round, and up and down. He’ll get too dizzy and spoil the day.

Hong Kong Day2 67

Only the front part of each car has the controller for the car to move up and down. 20 mins queue for a short 2 mins ride…

Space Mountain. Min. height: 102cm. Y missed it just by a bit…. so Grandpa accompanied him outside. But this means that many people also can’t take the ride if they have young kids with them! So, the queue was delightfully short :). We joined the queue at 11.37am, and the ride ended at 11.50am. Space Mountain and Winnie the Pooh ride are the only 2 rides that have the FastPass, which is free! But I wonder why they require Fast pass for this when there’s hardly any queue…

Hong Kong Day2 69

Hong Kong Day2 70

This sign made the ride seem so scary… Space Mountain is basically an indoor roller coaster ride in the dark. Q loved it and took about 5 times over 2 days. N was scared at first, but liked it in the end and rode it 3 times.

Hong Kong Day2 71

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Laser gun shooting game on a carriage that can turn 360 deg. Shoot targets and get as many points as possible. Two people in each carriage.

Hong Kong Day2 72


Hong Kong Day2 73

Left: Y, Right: Me


Verdict: Very boring for me because I didn’t know how to use the gun and thus couldn’t get many points. It was really tiring, holding the gun, pointing and shooting. Q got so many more points than me. I think she got a 6-digit points…. The kids liked it. Some of them took a few times. I had to take it twice. The greatest thing about this ride: NO QUEUE!

Hong Kong Day2 74

Unhappy pout

Y was unhappy because he couldn’t take a photo with the Buzz Lightyear mascot as he needs to go for his lunch break already. And this evil mummy just said, “Never mind lah…. you stand here ok? Take photo with him from here. See he’s in the photo too!” hahahaha….. Now you know why he’s sulking.. hehehe….

At least he got to wave at Buzz Lightyear when he walked past. Happy already lor….

Hong Kong Day2 77

Nice mist, outside the Starliner Diner

Hong Kong Day2 82

Orbitron ride at the background

Hong Kong Day2 84

Hong Kong Day2 85

Entrance to Tomorrowland from the roundabout at the end of Main Street U.S.A.

At the Roundabout, to walk to Fantasyland through the gate of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Actually, there is another way to go there, near Space Mountain. We actually missed the Stitch Encounter Show, which is presented in English, Mandarin and Cantonese at different time slots. It didn’t appeal to me anyway…

The Popcorn stall was just calling out to me. So, I bought a pack for $42. I asked for a mixture of salted and caramel. The caramel ones are nicer for us.


Hong Kong Day2 94

12.35pm: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. I didn’t get the Fastpass for this because I thought it might be complicated so didn’t try… And the queue didn’t look that bad…. Well, we waited for 25mins… Which is the worst of the lot for us, and really not that bad right? considering this is Disneyland… But, maybe if you had taken the Fastpass, instead of 25 mins, you only need to wait for 10-15 mins? You try ok? 🙂

Hong Kong Day2 91

Verdict: I love thrill rides so this is not that exciting for me… except for a few bounces.. The kids liked it. But there’s usually a long queue for this. So, we didn’t do it a second time…

1.05pm: Cinderella Carousel. Standard must-ride for the kids… Of course husband did not take this. At least he can be our photographer 🙂

Hong Kong Day2 95

1.19pm: Joined the Dumbo the Flying Elephant Ride queue.  The queue was quite long and the ride itself was very short. Maybe 2mins? Ended at 1.42pm.

1.45pm: Lunch time at the Royal Banquet Hall

Hong Kong Day2 100

Hong Kong Day2 101

Menu placed outside – International food

Hong Kong Day2 102

Sample of a few dishes, to show you the portion size as well

Hong Kong Day2 103

Statues of a few Disney Princess couples placed at different halls

Hong Kong Day2 104

It was nice dining inside the Royal Banquet Hall. There were some sparrows where we were seated. It’s like the birds in the Cinderella story 🙂

Hong Kong Day2 105

Y fell asleep at the table while waiting for the food to come…

We should have our lunch earlier, like 1pm latest…. Shouldn’t have bought the popcorn earlier…

Hong Kong Day2 106

Girls had fried chicken wings (3 pcs each for $48) and some of my fries, while husband and I  had the Royal Beef Burger with Cheese Combo (fries and a soft drink or iced Fuze Tea) $135.

Flights of Fantasy Parade (3pm)

I was kiasu in getting a good view, so we went to chope our spot at 2.30pm. But of course there were even more kiasu people :). While I read from a blog where might be a good spot, I still wasn’t sure. The suggestion was opposite the Adventureland entrance at the roundabout, somewhere where you can take photos of the parade with the Castle as the backdrop. Sounds good enough but…. I think the best spot is just outside the Castle at the roundabout, facing the Main Street. Because that’s where the Mickey Mouse float will stop and most of the mascots face that side more than our side, even though they try to look at both sides….

Hong Kong Day2 107

Hong Kong Day2 108

The girls and Husband went around for photo-taking while waiting for the parade to start

Hong Kong Day2 110

Hehe… Y all wrapped by Grandpa’s blanket because it was really cold….

Hong Kong Day2 111

Hong Kong Day2 112

Putting on more layers while we wait. Out came the neck warmers and we even used the extra long socks as gloves for Q.

Hong Kong Day2 117

Grandpa taking a break on the bench behind. I don’t think he had much of a view during the parade as many people would have blocked his view unless he stood on the bench, which I don’t think so… 🙂

Hong Kong Day2 119

Ok… Alot of time to take many photos…

3.00pm: Flights of Fantasy Parade finally starts!!! In case you want to let your kids learn the songs before going, you could search online. Otherwise, here is a soundtrack of the parade with lyrics.
Hong Kong Day2 123

Hong Kong Day2 124

That I thought is the best spot if you like to see the Mickey Mouse.

Hong Kong Day2 125

The parade will do a stationary performance when this float stops in front of the castle.

Whenever the parade stops for a stationary performance, there will be a small segment when they will open the invitation for a few kids to participate. For eg. hold a ribbon thingy to twirl around for fun. If your kids like to do this kind of thing, be fast! 🙂

Hong Kong Day2 126Hong Kong Day2 127Hong Kong Day2 128Hong Kong Day2 129Hong Kong Day2 130Hong Kong Day2 131Hong Kong Day2 132Hong Kong Day2 133Hong Kong Day2 134

Hong Kong Day2 135

But this time when the parade stops for a 2nd time, we got a rather good seat for viewing the Toy Story Float. These Toy Soldiers are really funny

Hong Kong Day2 136

This is the last float already I think.  At the end, if you are fast enough, you can help to hold the rope that marks the end of the parade and follow to march down till the parade ends.

Hong Kong Day2 137

Y missed the entire parade….

Parade ended at 3.26pm. We went back to Fantasyland to take a relaxing Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad ride from the Fantasyland Station. This is a 20min train ride that circles round the whole theme park. The other stop is near the entrance at Main Street.

Verdict: The cool thing about this train is that the passenger seats all face the theme park. The problem is we can’t see much of the theme park!!! All we see are mostly trees…. So boring…. So, don’t if you don’t enough time to enjoy the other rides. Take it if you just want to have a break and rest for 10 or 20 minutes.

Anyway, the highlight of the train ride was N saying that she needed to go to the toilet urgently…. So, the 2 of us stopped at Main Street and sigh… the unimaginable thing happened and one of the most gross thing happened after that. I don’t even want to tell you guys what happened 🙂 Let’s just say that God is good to let me survive through the experience 🙂

Hong Kong Day2 138

I wanted to buy a change of clothes for her but everything in the shops was simply ridiculously expensive for me, even underwears… so, this was how she’s dressed till we reached the hotel at night…

Hong Kong Day2 139

I was so tempted to buy these bowls. They had small one, medium and large ones. If you didn’t get to buy them here, you can still buy some at the Airport Terminal 2, Level 5

While we were window shopping, Husband came to join me, while Grandpa and Q and Y went to watch a 3D show called Mickey’s Philhar Magic. They really enjoyed it, especially Y. In fact, they watched 2 or 3 times each over the 2 days.

After that, we all met at the Disney’s Storybook Theatre to watch a 28 min musical called Mickey and the Wondrous Book, or is it “Happily Ever After”. There’s a very long queue. There are only about 4 shows a day. So, please take note of the timing, and do queue up earlier, by at least 15min-30mins to get a good spot at the theatre. You wouldn’t want to miss this. It was in Cantonese but there were english subtitles at both sides. oh… if your child doesn’t read, like Y, I suppose you’ll still enjoy watching the performance. I think we watched the 5.15pm show.

Hong Kong Day2 140

Mad Hatter Tea Cups ride. Not much queue after the show. So, the 3 of us took this ride twice! Dizzy…. We enjoyed turning the wheel in the middle, which is supposed to make the cup spin faster. Until now, I’m still not sure if the steering really helped…

Then, we went to the “it’s a small world” ride since it’s just next to the cups. To the adults, it’s just boring… Tried to make it more educational by telling them which countries the dolls are from. But as usual, what the adults find boring, little kids like them still liked it…

Hong Kong Day2 142

Orbitron at night

Hong Kong Day2 143

Space Mountain at night

When Grandpa, Husband and Y started having their dinner at Starliner Diner, I brought the girls to have another go at Space Mountain :). Why waste time eating right? We had our food to go and ate it while waiting for the Night Parade to start later.

Hong Kong Day2 79

Starliner Diner Menu – Fast Food

Hong Kong Day2 78

We bought the Fried Chicken Wing Combo, 2 of the Fried Chicken Basket Combo and Beef Burger with cheese Combo. They are good but instead of buying soft drinks for all sets, I suggest getting some mineral water since you can keep the water for the rest of your holiday. I don’t let my kids drink too much sugared drink and I don’t really need the excessive sugar right?  🙂

7.10pm: Started to chope seat at the Roundabout, facing the Castle directly this time.“Disney Paint the Night” Nighttime Spectacular Parade (7.30pm – 18mins) As usual, many people have started to chope seats as well. While this is an ok spot for watching the parade, it’s not a good enough spot for watching the fireworks. Most people will just continue sitting on the same spot, waiting for another 45 mins after the parade, to watch the fireworks. So, after the parade, the staff will start marking the road, and then they will allow people to sit on the road to watch the fireworks.

So, like I mentioned earlier, the best spot for the night parade is still the same, in front of the castle on the curb, facing the roundabout and Main Street. If you are able to move back after the parade, the best spot for watching the fireworks would be a few steps back, facing the Castle, since the fireworks is behind, above and on the sides of the castle. Hope I’m making sense… 🙂

Some of us took a last minute walk in Fantasyland before the fireworks started. But it would be really pai seh (embarrassing) for the people chope-ing the seats for you as the crowd will really build up in front of the castle. And the Castle’s gate will be blocked and we had to walk a long way through the Adventureland to get back to the roundabout. And we had to squeeze through the crowd to get back to our seats…

Hong Kong Day2 144

There was a lightshow on the castle before Disney in the Stars Fireworks Fireworks started at 8.30pm. See the number 10? That’s because it is Hong Kong Disneyland’s 10th year anniversary this year.

Hong Kong Day2 145

Hong Kong Day2 146

We sat down during the fireworks, but a girl in front covered my view by recording the entire fireworks on her hp… argh…. please lah… how enjoyable can it viewing the video again?….

Didn’t bother to take photos of the fireworks. How good can my phone photo be? Just enjoy the moment by oohing and aahing 🙂

We took our time to walk back out, letting the crowd clear.

Hong Kong Day2 147

Main Street U.S.A. at night

Hong Kong Day2 148

Hong Kong Day2 149

Hong Kong Day2 150

The Main Street Railway Station

Hong Kong Day2 151

Hong Kong Day2 152

Moby Dick Fountain at night

We took a red taxi back to L’Hotel. $104+$30 Toll Fee = $134.  There was no queue at all for the taxis by the time we reached there at about 9.15pm. The ride was only 15mins. Our morning’s ride was a total of $90 for all 6 of us for the taxi and MTR.

Are you tired out already? 🙂

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