My favourite picnic food:Bak Kwa Sandwich

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Bak Kwa Sandwich Recipe:

  • Sliced bread
  • Bak Kwa or rou gan (肉干)

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That’s it! Now you know why it’s my favourite picnic food? Simple and tasty!

  • No preparation time required, except to buy the bread and bak kwa. I don’t even bother to assemble the sandwich first because I don’t like the bread getting soggy
  • Not messy because everything is dry. Just need to drink lots of water since it’s heaty. But we don’t eat this everyday right? Maybe once in 3 months?
  • Tasty and so my kids won’t complain.

I do like to eat with sliced cheese, but that requires me bringing more things to keep my cheese cold and I don’t like to carry so many things… At home, I’ll toast the bread with bak kwa and cheese. Yummy!

Yes… Bak kwa is not healthy because it is a processed red meat, which is high in calories because of the high fat, sugar and salt content. The grilling process will create carcinogenic substances which increase the risk of developing cancer, especially colorectal cancer.

Of course you can control some of the sugar and salt content by making your own at home. I tried a few years ago when my friend shared her recipe on her blog . Not bad at all, and much cheaper than buying during the Chinese New Year period.

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But, I believe, as long as you are not eating this often, it’s ok to eat it once in a while. Especially when you are enjoying it in a community, whether it’s a picnic with family and friends, or during the Chinese New Year gatherings. Such food is meant for times like these 🙂

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Sitting outside the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay

We usually have this whenever we want to go to the Gardens by the Bay and/or Marina Bay Sands because we don’t want to spend alot of money on eating out. And it’s nice to just take a seat somewhere to enjoy the nice scenery and atmosphere.

Ok, bak kwa is not very cheap also… So, I buy from Fragrance at Woodlands 888 and just buy whatever is on promotion. They usually have a 40% discount on normal days.

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People-watching and enjoying the nice view

Cherry Blossoms 40

Children giving the thumbs up!

Well, to up the nutrition of this meal, I supposed what we can do is to use better bread? Of course I’m too lazy to bake my own bread… So, the next best alternative is to buy 100% whole grain bread that’s readily available in the neighbourhood supermarket.

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Please share with me your favourite picnic food, specially those that are easy to prepare! 🙂 Thanks!




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