About Nique

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Hi, I am Nique. I’m an Indonesian Chinese who has been living in Singapore since I was 4 years old. I stay at home to look after my kids (Q8, N5, Y3). There’s an idiom called “Life’s no picnic”, which means life is not easy, with all its struggles and problems. It is usually worse when one is alone to face the problems.

Being a stay-home-mum can be lonely. But thank God He intervened and allowed me to meet a fellow stay-home-mum who lives just 3 storeys below my unit when my first kid Q was turning 4. It’s amazing how many similarities we have. Whether it’s the number of kids we have, or being in a band in Secondary School, or both our husbands are in similar church ministries. Many of struggles we face are similar. I learn alot from her faith journey as she shared freely her thought processes and faith journey. From then on, I got to know a few more neighbours. We like to meet up to eat, walk and talk, with playdates for our kids as an excuse :). Just like how we enjoy having picnics with other people, we need a community (church, family, friends, neighbours, colleagues etc) to walk through life with.

And what is a picnic without food? I love to eat, which explains my size :). Cook? Not so much… While my mum can cook very well, most of the time I make do with dishes that have very few steps and ingredients. Perfect for busy mothers with young kids. I will be sharing some recipes that pulled me through these years. But I want to learn new dishes and expose a greater variety of food to my kids.

I am interested in learning more about food science and nutrition, and the world around us, to be wowed by the awesome character and attributes of our Creator through the things He has made.

Follow me in my journey as I try to make my life a picnic as I work through my life struggles and challenges, with the help of God the Holy Spirit. Life CAN be a picnic if we open up ourselves to others in a community and taste the wonderful creation that God has made.

I would love to hear and learn from you as well. Please feel free to comment. Remember to type words of grace, words to encourage and build others up, and not to tear others down. I will remove any comments which I think is nasty or threatening.

Welcome to http://www.LifeisapicNique.wordpress.com




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