Basic Burger

Over the last 2 weeks, I have been blessed with eating yummy homemade burgers by two ladies (my neighbour and church CG member). I would meet this neighbour every Tuesday at my place or her place because her daughter is the same age as Y. And she is from my home country! And typical of an Indonesian, she cooks well, especially Indonesian dishes.

My CG leader’s wife is also a very hospitable and generous lady. We attended the Momentum Conference on Labour’s Day and thanks to her foresight, she made burgers for our lunch so that we did not need to squeeze with the crowd and spend alot of money, since it was at Suntec City.

And so, I was inspired to try making my own. I looked for the easiest recipe online, one that doesn’t require many ingredients. So I chose one that doesn’t require breadcrumbs since I don’t have, and too lazy to make my own. But this recipe has onions. I’m sure some people don’t like to eat onions. Don’t add the onions if you don’t like it.

IMG_2016-05-10 07:49:49

Basic Burger Recipe

This recipe made 4 big and 5 small  thick patties.


600gr minced beef (I bought frozen minced beef)

2 eggs

1 big onion diced finely


Black pepper

Hamburger bun

Optional toppings:

Mushrooms (I used Bunashimeiji since it’s in my fridge)

1 Onion


Sliced Cheese

Tomato sliced (But I didn’t have it in my fridge. It would have looked nice in the burger)

Chilli Sauce (I used bottled Maggi Chilli Sauce)

IMG_2016-05-10 07:51:01

IMG_2016-05-10 07:50:35

After shaping the patties, use cling wrap to cover and place in the fridge for 30mins

IMG_2016-05-10 07:50:47

Grease the pan. Turn over the patty when it has turned brown at least half way. For this thickness, I used medium low  fire so that it won’t get burnt on the outside but raw on the inside.

The bigger patty had a higher risk of breaking apart, as you can see in the photo above. But it was still ok because I tried to be very careful when flipping with my spatula.

IMG_2016-05-10 07:50:41

Don’t press down the patty or else you are letting the meat juices escape. If you don’t like the raw look on the sides of the patties, turn them on their sides to brown the sides as well.

I didn’t dice my onions small enough. You can see all the bits falling out of the patty.

IMG_2016-05-10 07:50:14

Let the patties rest for awhile so that it can continue to cook through on the inside.

IMG_2016-05-10 07:50:09

After the patties are done, add some more oil or butter. Thrown in the onions and mushrooms. Sprinkle salt and black pepper. Let them brown and caramelize. Very sweet and yummy.

IMG_2016-05-10 07:49:57

I had avocado in my fridge… Add some power nutrition to the seemingly unhealthy food

IMG_2016-05-10 07:50:27

N likes this combi of mushrooms, onions, cheese and burger. Q doesn’t like mushrooms. I didn’t let them try avocado.

IMG_2016-05-10 07:50:04

Mini Burger. Used the small butter roll from Gardenia. The Sunshine brand would be better because their shape is more uniform and not squashed up but I could’t find it in the supermarket yesterday.

IMG_2016-05-10 07:49:40

The adult burger with air-fried fries. Used the Sunshine Extra Fine Wholemeal Burger Bun. A slice of tomato would have made this burger look even nicer with a dash of red.

This burger is suitable for picnics and parties (especially the mini ones), and of course your main meals. I thought it still tasted nice even when it has turned cold.



Night Snack Menu for Gatherings

I meet a group of fellow believers (4- 8 families) every Friday night to learn about God and share/pray with each other about our lives. Since we meet from 8pm to 10pm, each family takes turns to prepare night snacks. While it’s not really necessary to feed the adults since we don’t need the extra calories, food helps to distract the kids and they do get hungry by 9pm…

It’s stressful to prepare snacks (once every 6-8 weeks), especially when I also had to prepare dinner for the kids and make sure they finish their meals. Husband gets irritated that I trouble myself (I do get flustered at home) by cooking instead of just buying ready-made snacks. But I still like to do it because it is a way of serving the community, and thus God (*Need to work on the flustering part as it’s not glorifying to God). And it’s usually cheaper to prepare them myself than buying. Hopefully healthier too.

22nd April 2016

12 adults, 9 kids


Mini Baked Potatoes with Cream Cheese and Homemade Bacon

Sweetcorn with Butter



Mini Baked Potatoes with Cream Cheese and Homemade Bacon

CG Food 10

First, prepare the homemade bacon. (If you are in a hurry, prepare the potatoes first with normal oil, put them in the oven, then cook the homemade bacon.) I used frozen thinly sliced pork belly sukiyaki. I suppose if you want it to be halal, you can use sliced chicken or beef?

CG Food 1

Buy Pork Belly Sukiyaki at the frozen section. Thaw it.

Heat up the pan. I used Happycall before we threw it away. Now I use a cast iron hotplate thingy that we bought before we used Happycall.

Read about the benefits of using a cast iron pan here. My FiL emailed the link to me.

I tried baking before. More hasslefree and less cleaning up to do. But you need to grease the tray and watch that they don’t get too burnt.

CG Food 2

Lay them straight on a cast iron hotplate thingy

CG Food 7

Sprinkle salt and pepper on one side

It’s fun to see them shrivel up. 🙂

CG Food 4CG Food 3

CG Food 5

Drain them on paper towels

CG Food 8


Do you think it looks like real bacon? The key to good bacon is: crispy but not burnt. Making it chao-tah (burnt) will make it carcinogenic (cancer-causing).


Baked Mini Potatoes

Buy the washed mini potatoes. I wanted to use the mini ones so that it looks cute (great for parties) and takes a shorter time to bake.

Wash properly and if you have time, scrub.

Roll them around in the oily pan and sprinkle salt over them.

CG Food 6

Then I put the cast iron pan hotplate in the oven. Convenient right? That’s the good thing about using cast iron pan 🙂 About 35 mins at 200 deg cel. Poke the potato with a fork. It should be soft inside. Different ovens will take different length of time.

CG Food 9

Cut the potatoes in half. Press a small cube of Philadelphia Cream Cheese (I used the block type) in the middle. And press down some bacon bits on the cream cheese.

CG Food 11

The Cream cheese acts as a glue so that the bacon bits stay. And try to cover all the cheese so that you can stack the potatoes in your container.

CG Food 10

I used cream cheese instead of the usual sour cream or Greek yoghurt for baked potatoes because we are not serving it hot immediately. I thought the sour cream will get all watery by the time we eat later.

I tried my best to keep it warm by putting my container in a thermal bag but it really wasn’t very warm by the time we ate and I thought it still tasted nice. 🙂

While the potatoes were baking in the oven, you can prepare the fruits. I got Q to help me make the Grapes Satay or Grapes-in-a-stick. I learnt this trick from my neighbour 🙂

CG Food 14

We used seedless grapes. About 6 grapes in one satay stick.

Children love to eat grapes this way. Y can gobble down a few sticks at a time when the grapes are presented this way, instead of in a bowl.

I placed the readymade grapes satay in a Ziploc bag. And placed the bag in between 2 ice packs and put them all in a freezer bag. This keeps the grapes really nice and cold.


When you want to serve fruits in a gathering like this, it’s best to remove most obstacles for people eating them. For the adults, we would be sitting in a circle, talking/listening and passing the food around. So, I removed the seeds and cut each jackfruit into half. Packed them in a plastic container and  placed it in the same freezer bag to keep it chilled.

CG Food 12CG Food 13

I actually steamed the jackfruit seeds but I forgot to pack them! They took at least 20-30 mins. They are ready when you can poke your fork in. They are supposed to be soft.

CG Food 15

CG Food 19

Remove the plasticky film to eat the soft flesh. I like it but my kids don’t…

Sweetcorn with Butter

Most people like to eat corn in a cup. I prefer the Wattie’s brand, compared to the others. Haven’t tried the non-frozen ones before. Supposed to be nicer?

CG Food 17CG Food 18

Instructions on the packaging: Boil the water. Add the frozen corn in to rapidly boiling water. Bring to boil again and simmer for approx. 2 mins. Drain and serve.

Well, after draining, I added salted butter and abit of brown sugar. Packed it in a small thermal pot to keep it hot. I only made enough for the kids. 1 pack (500g) for about 5 kids.

CG Food 16

Note to believers:

The Believers Form a Community

All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper), and to prayer. Acts 2:42 (NLT)

We should keep on encouraging each other to be thoughtful and to do helpful things. Some people have gotten out of the habit of meeting for worship, but we must not do that. We should keep on encouraging each other, especially since you know that the day of the Lord’s coming is getting closer. Hebrews 10:24-25 (CEV)

Christianity is NOT meant to be a personal journey walked alone. We are meant to grow our faith by being in a community of believers, to learn together, to have fellowship together, to share meals together and to pray together. Just sitting next to someone amongst the church pews on a Sunday does not count, though corporate worship is important…

Of course being in a small group can be troublesome and uncomfortable. There can be “better” things to do on a Friday night (or whenever CGs usually meet). And making yourself vulnerable by sharing your struggles openly can be so weird. What if they judge me?.. And do I really need to love that brother or sister? HE is sooo irritating!

Ah… But this is where you get to practice what you learn from the Bible right? Knowledge does not make you a Christian. You need to practice what you learn. Be open to getting corrections from others if they are wise advice. And if God wants us to love and pray for our enemies, what more our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ? Definitely a place to learn forgiveness as well, if someone has said something insensitive.

Anyway, hope you will join a small group in your church if you have not already done so. 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Hong Kong Trip with Young Kids Day 2 out of 7

L’Hotel -> Dim Sum Bar Breakfast -> Disneyland (Tomorrowland) -> (Fantasyland) Banquet Hall Lunch -> Fantasy Parade -> (Fantasyland) -> Stars Diner (Tomorrowland) Dinner -> Night Time Parade -> L’Hotel

* Tips: Always check the Disneyland Calendar for the day you are visiting to know which rides/shows are closed so that you can manage your expectations. For example, the Lion King show and the Grizzly Gulch were closed. Some diners were also closed. 

Check the timing of the parades and fireworks too. I don’t think you want to miss them. If you are crazy about taking photos with the mascots, then you can even check out where they are stationed. We didn’t queue up to take photo with any…. We love taking rides more… 🙂

15th March 2016 (Tuesday)

City view from our room at 7am+

8am : Breakfast at Dim Sum Bar, Nina Tower

Before coming to Hong Kong, I tried to do research online where to have breakfast near our hotel. I couldn’t find much info and so, we just went to the nearest dim sum restaurant at Nina Tower, which is easily accessible from the hotel lobby. All you need to do is to go up the escalator, and you’ll see the restaurant immediately. The other obvious choice was at JPone, if you like congee and fish soup. My kids don’t like to eat porridge… Both restaurants open at 8am.

Doing food research in Hong Kong

Besides reading blogs on finding food recommendations, I also depend alot on Open Rice and Tripadvisor etc. Open Rice also a free phone app which you can download onto your hp.

Hong Kong Day2 4

I ordered too much for our first Hong Kong dim sum meal… 12 dishes for 3 adults and 3 young kids (considered as 1 adult) is simply too much! A better estimation is 2 dishes per adult and so, 8 dishes would suffice.

The photo below (top left) is just to say DON’T order the steamed dumplings shaped like baby octopuses. It was terrible!! It didn’t look like a baby octopus either… Other than that, it wasn’t too bad. Since there weren’t many people at 8am, their service was attentive. The menu was also in English, so it was easy to order. Not cheap. Spent about $480 just for a breakfast… At least we were full and charged to start an entire day at Disneyland.

Hong Kong Day2 8

For a cheaper alternative, we found out later that we could have a more authentic Hong Kong dim sum experience if we had just walked abit more to Citywalk 2. I will share about that later at Day 7. But that restaurant would require you to know how to read Chinese…

Hong Kong Day2 16

We had time to go back to the hotel room for a toilet bomb break. Otherwise, just leave earlier so that you can reach Disneyland at 9.45am since Main Street opens at 10am.

9.15am: We took a red taxi from the L’Hotel taxi stand to Tsing Yi MTR Station. It cost $38 but my FiL just gave $50. About 10mins ride. Taking an MTR would have been too troublesome and time consuming (2 stops to Nam Cheong & 2 stops to Tsing Yi). Of course you have the option to take a taxi all the way to Disneyland at $150, 20 mins. But taking the 1 MTR stop from Sunny Bay to Disneyland Resort is part of the Disneyland experience, as you will see later. And it’s better to take the MTR when you are still fresh and awake, than at night when you are all tired out…


Hong Kong Day2 22

Cantonese : Ching 1- Yi 1 – gong 2 – tit 3 – jaam 6

Hong Kong Day2 23

Hong Kong Day2 24

In the taxi: 5 of us behind, FiL in front seat with the driver

The taxi will being you to the lobby outside the Airport Express. Take the lift to go down to U1 because you would want to go the Tung Chung Line (Orange). There are many shops (eateries, bakeries and retail shops) at the MTR station and even a link to the Maritime Square, which is a shopping centre with many restaurants and a big supermarket. There’s also a promenade outside the mall where you can take a nice walk but of course we didn’t have time :). We were very focussed on getting to Disneyland!

Hong Kong Day2 25

Take the lift down from U4 (Airport Express) to U1 (Tung Chung Line)

There are usually many entry/exit points to the MTR at every station. So, just look out for the nearest gantry to enter. If you have a stroller or wheelchair, you are usually encouraged to take the lift. The signages are very clear as to where you should stand/sit for those with priority (with young kids/ elderly/handicapped/pregnant).

9.35am: Took MTR from Tsing Yi Station to Sunny Bay Station. 1 stop, 5 mins. Then cross over on the same platform to change to the Disneyland Resort line. 1 stop. 5 mins.

Cute Mickey Mouse windows :). Even the grab handles were Mickey Mouse shaped.

Hong Kong Day2 28

Bronze figurines of Disney characters are displayed in each train carriage

9.45am: Reached Disneyland Resort Station.

Hong Kong Day2 32

Hong Kong Day2 33

Hong Kong Day2 31

Even the MTR station is so nice and magical :). Took more photos on Day 4…

Hong Kong Day2 38

Walk down the Park Promenade (right) to go to the carpark, bus station and taxi stand

Hong Kong Disneyland Map

Hong Kong Day2 35

Hong Kong Day2 36

Buying Disneyland Tickets:

We bought the tickets online. There was a special promotion for the 2-day tickets till 30th June 2016, which explains why we came back on Day 4 again. You may visit any 2 days within a 7-day period.

  • Adults (12-64 yrs old): $599 instead of $739 (pay $60 more per adult for the 2nd day)
  • Children (3-11 yrs old): $426 instead of $525 (pay $41 more per child for the 2nd day)
  • Seniors (above 65): $170 for 2 days. No further discount.

As this is our first time to Disneyland, we didn’t want to rush through it, even though Disneyland Hong Kong is the smallest Disneyland theme park. I figured that Disneyland is more suitable for younger kids and so now is the time to enjoy this theme park. Personally, I prefer thrill rides and would have preferred to go to Ocean Park instead of spending 2 days at Disneyland. Oh well, all the more reason to come back to Hong Kong when the kids are older. 🙂

* But do check out for even better discounts for adult tickets. When I booked, the 2-day special was not offered. Now, it’s only $579 for adults. $20 cheaper! You might want to download the free Klook app on your hp.

Hong Kong Day2 39

Walk down the Park Promenade to the Moby Dick Fountain

Hong Kong Day2 40

The Entrance is on the right of the Moby Dick Fountain

Hong Kong Day2 41

The queue is for the Bag Check at Entrance

You are not allowed to bring food and drinks into Hong Kong Disneyland. I brought water bottles for each of us. You may top up water at the drinking fountains in the park. I think water bottles are fine, but mineral water bottles are not. I brought some leftover dim sum from breakfast and used my winter jacket to wrap it up :). Such as waste to throw away…  Also brought some oat biscuits (good for fighting hunger pangs while queuing up for rides) wrapped up in jackets in ziploc bags… I read somewhere that if you have young kids, snacks are usually allowed anyway… Other rules here.

Haha! Read: Costumes may not be worn by guests aged 16 or older in the park. I suppose they don’t want other guests to think that you are a staff at the park. But children can! So now is the time for the kids to wear their Elsa dresses from home, or buy them there and wear them immediately!

Hong Kong Day2 42

Hong Kong Day2 45

Print your own tickets if you have ordered online. On the far right, beside the buy-on-site Ticket Counters

If you have ordered the e-tickets online or pre-purchased it somewhere else, you would need to scan the ticket voucher QR Code on the printed the confirmation letter or receipt. Then insert the credit card that you have used to pay for it at the card reader. Then your tickets will be printed out.

Note: I couldn’t print the senior ticket and had to queue up at the Ticket counter to get it. Please bring your passport just in case, for identification. Thankfully, there’s hardly any queue at all at the Ticket counters. I think this is a low season or what? Hmm… March holidays seems to be a good time to visit Hong Kong Disneyland… Nice cool weather with not much crowd…

Hong Kong Day2 46

Hong Kong Day2 47

Our admission tickets

Even though the park only opens at 10.30am, Main Street USA is already opened at 10am. So, do go early to take photos, or look at the many retail shops. I am too stingy to go there for breakfast, but you may do so if you want :).  If you need to rent a stroller, esp when it rains (it has a rain cover), now will be a good time.

At Main Street U.S.A. The kids wanted to buy the balloons. I refused… There’s no way I’m going to pay $120 or $140 just for a balloon! I saw some people asking to take a photo by holding the bunch of balloons. No need to pay :). I was too chicken to ask…

Hong Kong Day2 54

There was a barrier in front of the roundabout at the end of Main Street U.S.A, which will only open at 10.30am. So, all these people were waiting to charge :). In the mean time, we were watching a lady accepting a marriage proposal from her boyfriend at the roundabout. Of course she said yes… Who wouldn’t? In front of so many people… Nice backdrop huh :).

10.30am: Charge!!!! People ran… and I was also very kiasu (scared to lose to others)… I ran too… I have already done my research beforehand and read that Autopia at Tomorrowland usually has the longest queue. Go there first or be prepared to queue for a longer time later.


So, chiong ah!!! Study the map first so you know which way to run! haha! First right turn. You’ll see the big Tomorrowland Sphere. Autopia’s entrance was not so obvious as it was now hidden by a construction site which is for the new Ironman Experience ride opening late 2016. Autopia is on the left of the the construction site. Park the stroller at the designated stroller parking area before joining the queue.

Thanks to my kiasu-ism, we only needed to queue for 15 mins before we got our ride. Not bad at all 🙂

Min. Height for this ride is 81cm. Our kids are shorter than 137cm, so each adult took a child. But the child took the steering wheel, while the adults helped to step on the pedal.

Hong Kong Day2 57

Instructions: Step on the pedal to move the car. To stop, take your foot off the pedal. Keep a min. one car’s distance in between the car in front of you and your car. Easy 🙂

Hong Kong Day2 61

Verdict: The ride took about 9mins each. Adults usually find it boring, while young kids love it. Just do it once lah… We wanted to ride it again later but didn’t want to queue for 30mins.

Next ride was Orbitron.

Husband didn’t want to take this ride because all it does is go round and round, and up and down. He’ll get too dizzy and spoil the day.

Hong Kong Day2 67

Only the front part of each car has the controller for the car to move up and down. 20 mins queue for a short 2 mins ride…

Space Mountain. Min. height: 102cm. Y missed it just by a bit…. so Grandpa accompanied him outside. But this means that many people also can’t take the ride if they have young kids with them! So, the queue was delightfully short :). We joined the queue at 11.37am, and the ride ended at 11.50am. Space Mountain and Winnie the Pooh ride are the only 2 rides that have the FastPass, which is free! But I wonder why they require Fast pass for this when there’s hardly any queue…

Hong Kong Day2 69

Hong Kong Day2 70

This sign made the ride seem so scary… Space Mountain is basically an indoor roller coaster ride in the dark. Q loved it and took about 5 times over 2 days. N was scared at first, but liked it in the end and rode it 3 times.

Hong Kong Day2 71

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Laser gun shooting game on a carriage that can turn 360 deg. Shoot targets and get as many points as possible. Two people in each carriage.

Hong Kong Day2 72


Hong Kong Day2 73

Left: Y, Right: Me


Verdict: Very boring for me because I didn’t know how to use the gun and thus couldn’t get many points. It was really tiring, holding the gun, pointing and shooting. Q got so many more points than me. I think she got a 6-digit points…. The kids liked it. Some of them took a few times. I had to take it twice. The greatest thing about this ride: NO QUEUE!

Hong Kong Day2 74

Unhappy pout

Y was unhappy because he couldn’t take a photo with the Buzz Lightyear mascot as he needs to go for his lunch break already. And this evil mummy just said, “Never mind lah…. you stand here ok? Take photo with him from here. See he’s in the photo too!” hahahaha….. Now you know why he’s sulking.. hehehe….

At least he got to wave at Buzz Lightyear when he walked past. Happy already lor….

Hong Kong Day2 77

Nice mist, outside the Starliner Diner

Hong Kong Day2 82

Orbitron ride at the background

Hong Kong Day2 84

Hong Kong Day2 85

Entrance to Tomorrowland from the roundabout at the end of Main Street U.S.A.

At the Roundabout, to walk to Fantasyland through the gate of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Actually, there is another way to go there, near Space Mountain. We actually missed the Stitch Encounter Show, which is presented in English, Mandarin and Cantonese at different time slots. It didn’t appeal to me anyway…

The Popcorn stall was just calling out to me. So, I bought a pack for $42. I asked for a mixture of salted and caramel. The caramel ones are nicer for us.


Hong Kong Day2 94

12.35pm: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. I didn’t get the Fastpass for this because I thought it might be complicated so didn’t try… And the queue didn’t look that bad…. Well, we waited for 25mins… Which is the worst of the lot for us, and really not that bad right? considering this is Disneyland… But, maybe if you had taken the Fastpass, instead of 25 mins, you only need to wait for 10-15 mins? You try ok? 🙂

Hong Kong Day2 91

Verdict: I love thrill rides so this is not that exciting for me… except for a few bounces.. The kids liked it. But there’s usually a long queue for this. So, we didn’t do it a second time…

1.05pm: Cinderella Carousel. Standard must-ride for the kids… Of course husband did not take this. At least he can be our photographer 🙂

Hong Kong Day2 95

1.19pm: Joined the Dumbo the Flying Elephant Ride queue.  The queue was quite long and the ride itself was very short. Maybe 2mins? Ended at 1.42pm.

1.45pm: Lunch time at the Royal Banquet Hall

Hong Kong Day2 100

Hong Kong Day2 101

Menu placed outside – International food

Hong Kong Day2 102

Sample of a few dishes, to show you the portion size as well

Hong Kong Day2 103

Statues of a few Disney Princess couples placed at different halls

Hong Kong Day2 104

It was nice dining inside the Royal Banquet Hall. There were some sparrows where we were seated. It’s like the birds in the Cinderella story 🙂

Hong Kong Day2 105

Y fell asleep at the table while waiting for the food to come…

We should have our lunch earlier, like 1pm latest…. Shouldn’t have bought the popcorn earlier…

Hong Kong Day2 106

Girls had fried chicken wings (3 pcs each for $48) and some of my fries, while husband and I  had the Royal Beef Burger with Cheese Combo (fries and a soft drink or iced Fuze Tea) $135.

Flights of Fantasy Parade (3pm)

I was kiasu in getting a good view, so we went to chope our spot at 2.30pm. But of course there were even more kiasu people :). While I read from a blog where might be a good spot, I still wasn’t sure. The suggestion was opposite the Adventureland entrance at the roundabout, somewhere where you can take photos of the parade with the Castle as the backdrop. Sounds good enough but…. I think the best spot is just outside the Castle at the roundabout, facing the Main Street. Because that’s where the Mickey Mouse float will stop and most of the mascots face that side more than our side, even though they try to look at both sides….

Hong Kong Day2 107

Hong Kong Day2 108

The girls and Husband went around for photo-taking while waiting for the parade to start

Hong Kong Day2 110

Hehe… Y all wrapped by Grandpa’s blanket because it was really cold….

Hong Kong Day2 111

Hong Kong Day2 112

Putting on more layers while we wait. Out came the neck warmers and we even used the extra long socks as gloves for Q.

Hong Kong Day2 117

Grandpa taking a break on the bench behind. I don’t think he had much of a view during the parade as many people would have blocked his view unless he stood on the bench, which I don’t think so… 🙂

Hong Kong Day2 119

Ok… Alot of time to take many photos…

3.00pm: Flights of Fantasy Parade finally starts!!! In case you want to let your kids learn the songs before going, you could search online. Otherwise, here is a soundtrack of the parade with lyrics.
Hong Kong Day2 123

Hong Kong Day2 124

That I thought is the best spot if you like to see the Mickey Mouse.

Hong Kong Day2 125

The parade will do a stationary performance when this float stops in front of the castle.

Whenever the parade stops for a stationary performance, there will be a small segment when they will open the invitation for a few kids to participate. For eg. hold a ribbon thingy to twirl around for fun. If your kids like to do this kind of thing, be fast! 🙂

Hong Kong Day2 126Hong Kong Day2 127Hong Kong Day2 128Hong Kong Day2 129Hong Kong Day2 130Hong Kong Day2 131Hong Kong Day2 132Hong Kong Day2 133Hong Kong Day2 134

Hong Kong Day2 135

But this time when the parade stops for a 2nd time, we got a rather good seat for viewing the Toy Story Float. These Toy Soldiers are really funny

Hong Kong Day2 136

This is the last float already I think.  At the end, if you are fast enough, you can help to hold the rope that marks the end of the parade and follow to march down till the parade ends.

Hong Kong Day2 137

Y missed the entire parade….

Parade ended at 3.26pm. We went back to Fantasyland to take a relaxing Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad ride from the Fantasyland Station. This is a 20min train ride that circles round the whole theme park. The other stop is near the entrance at Main Street.

Verdict: The cool thing about this train is that the passenger seats all face the theme park. The problem is we can’t see much of the theme park!!! All we see are mostly trees…. So boring…. So, don’t if you don’t enough time to enjoy the other rides. Take it if you just want to have a break and rest for 10 or 20 minutes.

Anyway, the highlight of the train ride was N saying that she needed to go to the toilet urgently…. So, the 2 of us stopped at Main Street and sigh… the unimaginable thing happened and one of the most gross thing happened after that. I don’t even want to tell you guys what happened 🙂 Let’s just say that God is good to let me survive through the experience 🙂

Hong Kong Day2 138

I wanted to buy a change of clothes for her but everything in the shops was simply ridiculously expensive for me, even underwears… so, this was how she’s dressed till we reached the hotel at night…

Hong Kong Day2 139

I was so tempted to buy these bowls. They had small one, medium and large ones. If you didn’t get to buy them here, you can still buy some at the Airport Terminal 2, Level 5

While we were window shopping, Husband came to join me, while Grandpa and Q and Y went to watch a 3D show called Mickey’s Philhar Magic. They really enjoyed it, especially Y. In fact, they watched 2 or 3 times each over the 2 days.

After that, we all met at the Disney’s Storybook Theatre to watch a 28 min musical called Mickey and the Wondrous Book, or is it “Happily Ever After”. There’s a very long queue. There are only about 4 shows a day. So, please take note of the timing, and do queue up earlier, by at least 15min-30mins to get a good spot at the theatre. You wouldn’t want to miss this. It was in Cantonese but there were english subtitles at both sides. oh… if your child doesn’t read, like Y, I suppose you’ll still enjoy watching the performance. I think we watched the 5.15pm show.

Hong Kong Day2 140

Mad Hatter Tea Cups ride. Not much queue after the show. So, the 3 of us took this ride twice! Dizzy…. We enjoyed turning the wheel in the middle, which is supposed to make the cup spin faster. Until now, I’m still not sure if the steering really helped…

Then, we went to the “it’s a small world” ride since it’s just next to the cups. To the adults, it’s just boring… Tried to make it more educational by telling them which countries the dolls are from. But as usual, what the adults find boring, little kids like them still liked it…

Hong Kong Day2 142

Orbitron at night

Hong Kong Day2 143

Space Mountain at night

When Grandpa, Husband and Y started having their dinner at Starliner Diner, I brought the girls to have another go at Space Mountain :). Why waste time eating right? We had our food to go and ate it while waiting for the Night Parade to start later.

Hong Kong Day2 79

Starliner Diner Menu – Fast Food

Hong Kong Day2 78

We bought the Fried Chicken Wing Combo, 2 of the Fried Chicken Basket Combo and Beef Burger with cheese Combo. They are good but instead of buying soft drinks for all sets, I suggest getting some mineral water since you can keep the water for the rest of your holiday. I don’t let my kids drink too much sugared drink and I don’t really need the excessive sugar right?  🙂

7.10pm: Started to chope seat at the Roundabout, facing the Castle directly this time.“Disney Paint the Night” Nighttime Spectacular Parade (7.30pm – 18mins) As usual, many people have started to chope seats as well. While this is an ok spot for watching the parade, it’s not a good enough spot for watching the fireworks. Most people will just continue sitting on the same spot, waiting for another 45 mins after the parade, to watch the fireworks. So, after the parade, the staff will start marking the road, and then they will allow people to sit on the road to watch the fireworks.

So, like I mentioned earlier, the best spot for the night parade is still the same, in front of the castle on the curb, facing the roundabout and Main Street. If you are able to move back after the parade, the best spot for watching the fireworks would be a few steps back, facing the Castle, since the fireworks is behind, above and on the sides of the castle. Hope I’m making sense… 🙂

Some of us took a last minute walk in Fantasyland before the fireworks started. But it would be really pai seh (embarrassing) for the people chope-ing the seats for you as the crowd will really build up in front of the castle. And the Castle’s gate will be blocked and we had to walk a long way through the Adventureland to get back to the roundabout. And we had to squeeze through the crowd to get back to our seats…

Hong Kong Day2 144

There was a lightshow on the castle before Disney in the Stars Fireworks Fireworks started at 8.30pm. See the number 10? That’s because it is Hong Kong Disneyland’s 10th year anniversary this year.

Hong Kong Day2 145

Hong Kong Day2 146

We sat down during the fireworks, but a girl in front covered my view by recording the entire fireworks on her hp… argh…. please lah… how enjoyable can it viewing the video again?….

Didn’t bother to take photos of the fireworks. How good can my phone photo be? Just enjoy the moment by oohing and aahing 🙂

We took our time to walk back out, letting the crowd clear.

Hong Kong Day2 147

Main Street U.S.A. at night

Hong Kong Day2 148

Hong Kong Day2 149

Hong Kong Day2 150

The Main Street Railway Station

Hong Kong Day2 151

Hong Kong Day2 152

Moby Dick Fountain at night

We took a red taxi back to L’Hotel. $104+$30 Toll Fee = $134.  There was no queue at all for the taxis by the time we reached there at about 9.15pm. The ride was only 15mins. Our morning’s ride was a total of $90 for all 6 of us for the taxi and MTR.

Are you tired out already? 🙂

Besides learning about my journey above, here are some blog posts where I read for some tips:


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Visit to the Flower Dome – Cherry Blossoms

My family and I are not really the nature sort. So, my neighbours were surprised when I became a Friend of Gardens By The Bay (Family). I’m surprised too 🙂 But it’s precisely because we are not, I wanted to give it a try, especially when there was a special promotion during the SG50 weekend in August 2015: 50% off the one-year membership.

Friends of the gardens family card

So, for a family of 2 adults/seniors and up to 3 children (3-12 yrs old), instead of S$180, I only paid S$90!!! And we had the option to start the one-year latest by end of December 2015, we did on 2nd Dec. Even if we only visit once, it’s already worth it. But of course we shall go at least 4 times – Christmas, Cherry Blossoms, Tulips and one other.

My husband agreed to buy this membership because Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are air-conditioned :).

Come to think of it, it’s still worth it to get a one-year membership at the normal price once in your life for families like mine (2 adults 3 kids), especially if you own a car.

Friends of the gardens family card photo

The kids were wearing their swimming costume because we were going to the Water Play at the Children’s Garden which has free admission


  • Free 2-hour parking daily
  • Unlimited entries to the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and OCBC Skyway
  • Some merchant discounts

We should be visiting the Flower Dome again soon before Tulipmania comes to an end on 22nd May 2016. More info at

22nd March 2016

I was thrilled to know we could see cherry blossoms before the Blossom Beats come to an end on 27th March. We missed most of it since we were in Hong Kong from 14th – 20th March. Of course I don’t foresee going to Japan anytime soon to see them…. So, this is the next best alternative. 🙂

Cherry Blossoms 23

Enjoying God’s creation and food in community

“For the Japanese, who appreciate beauty, purity, and simplicity, the cherry blossom remains a symbol for the transient nature of life, for a life that is beautiful but also impermanent.”

Quoted from

Photos by me using my iPhone6 Plus.

Urm.. I’m not a pro… But hope you enjoy the photos nonetheless. See how each kind is unique and beautiful in their own way. Imagine, there are over 600 kinds of cherry trees alone. This is part of the more than 400,000 different kinds of flowers in the world!

Cherry Blossoms 29

Cherry Blossoms 26

Cherry Blossoms 15

Why are two different colours here together? Pretty!

Cherry Blossoms 14

Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be.
    Remind me that my days are numbered— how fleeting my life is.
You have made my life no longer than the width of my hand.
    My entire lifetime is just a moment to you; at best, each of us is but a breath.”

We are merely moving shadows, and all our busy rushing ends in nothing.
We heap up wealth, not knowing who will spend it.

Psalm 39: 4-6 (NLT) by David, about  in year 1000BC

Have you been busy rushing through life? Working day and after day? Doing the same routine again and again? Or watching drama (“guilty”) and surfing the internet all day?

Is there meaning to all these? Time passes by before you know it. So how shall we live our lives? Does it matter how we live our lives now?

Well, David gave us his answer:

And so, Lord, where do I put my hope?
    My only hope is in you. 

Psalm 39:7 (NLT)

David’s only hope is found in God, our Creator. And we can learn more about what he means in God’s Word, the Bible.

What about you? Where do you put your hope?

Cherry Blossoms 13

Cherry Blossoms 18

Cherry Blossoms 16

Cherry Blossoms 3

Cherry Blossoms 28

Cherry Blossoms 27

Cherry Blossoms 25

The cheeky boy with many funny faces…

Cherry Blossoms 20

Cherry Blossoms 30

Cherry Blossoms 24

Photos by my husband on Panasonic GH3

Flower Dometzun (9)Flower Dometzun (5)

Flower Dometzun (4)

Our days on earth are like grass; like wildflowers, we bloom and die.
The wind blows, and we are gone— as though we had never been here.
But the love of the Lord remains forever with those who fear Him.
His salvation extends to the children’s children of those who are faithful to His covenant, of those who obey His commandments!

Psalm 103: 15-18 (NLT)

Flower Dometzun (12)

Wood (or is it root?) carving of monkeys helping each other in community

Flower Dometzun (8)

Flower Dometzun

Flower Dometzun (1)

Thanks for visiting!

My favourite picnic food:Bak Kwa Sandwich

Cherry Blossoms 31

Bak Kwa Sandwich Recipe:

  • Sliced bread
  • Bak Kwa or rou gan (肉干)

Cherry Blossoms 33

That’s it! Now you know why it’s my favourite picnic food? Simple and tasty!

  • No preparation time required, except to buy the bread and bak kwa. I don’t even bother to assemble the sandwich first because I don’t like the bread getting soggy
  • Not messy because everything is dry. Just need to drink lots of water since it’s heaty. But we don’t eat this everyday right? Maybe once in 3 months?
  • Tasty and so my kids won’t complain.

I do like to eat with sliced cheese, but that requires me bringing more things to keep my cheese cold and I don’t like to carry so many things… At home, I’ll toast the bread with bak kwa and cheese. Yummy!

Yes… Bak kwa is not healthy because it is a processed red meat, which is high in calories because of the high fat, sugar and salt content. The grilling process will create carcinogenic substances which increase the risk of developing cancer, especially colorectal cancer.

Of course you can control some of the sugar and salt content by making your own at home. I tried a few years ago when my friend shared her recipe on her blog . Not bad at all, and much cheaper than buying during the Chinese New Year period.

Cherry Blossoms 34

But, I believe, as long as you are not eating this often, it’s ok to eat it once in a while. Especially when you are enjoying it in a community, whether it’s a picnic with family and friends, or during the Chinese New Year gatherings. Such food is meant for times like these 🙂

Cherry Blossoms 42

Sitting outside the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay

We usually have this whenever we want to go to the Gardens by the Bay and/or Marina Bay Sands because we don’t want to spend alot of money on eating out. And it’s nice to just take a seat somewhere to enjoy the nice scenery and atmosphere.

Ok, bak kwa is not very cheap also… So, I buy from Fragrance at Woodlands 888 and just buy whatever is on promotion. They usually have a 40% discount on normal days.

Cherry Blossoms 35

People-watching and enjoying the nice view

Cherry Blossoms 40

Children giving the thumbs up!

Well, to up the nutrition of this meal, I supposed what we can do is to use better bread? Of course I’m too lazy to bake my own bread… So, the next best alternative is to buy 100% whole grain bread that’s readily available in the neighbourhood supermarket.

Cherry Blossoms 44Cherry Blossoms 43Cherry Blossoms 46Cherry Blossoms 45

Please share with me your favourite picnic food, specially those that are easy to prepare! 🙂 Thanks!



Hong Kong Trip with Young Kids Day 1 out of 7

My FiL was very generous to sponsor our entire 7 day trip to Hong Kong. For your info, the itinerary that I will be sharing is planned with our young kids in mind. They are turning 9, 6 and 4 this year. There is also a fit elderly (71 this year). We brought our umbrella stroller along so that our kids can take turns sitting on it and it’s narrow and light enough to navigate.

The average exchange rate at that time was an average of 1SGD= 5.5HKD

14th April 2016 (Monday)

Home -> Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 Breakfast -> Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1 -> L’Hotel -> Sham Tseng -> Anglers’ Beach Pier -> Yue Kee Restaurant Dinner -> Lucky Dessert -> L’Hotel

5.45am: Wake up

HKday1 1

2 Check-In luggages for the 5 of us for 7D6N. Borrowed them from my SiL 🙂

Things that I packed in our carry-on backpacks:

  • Water bottles for each one of us (Remember to take them out of your bag during take-off and landing because the change in pressure somehow makes them leak. You wouldn’t want all your things in your bags to be wet right at the start of your journey.)
  • Writing/colouring materials with little scrapbooks/ notebooks for the kids to doodle
  • Snacks like oat biscuits
  • Two layers of clothing for each of us (I made them wear 2 layers on the plane – one cotton long-sleeved t-shirt and one jacket. The girls wore tights and cotton long pants. Then put on the 3rd layer when we were getting off the plane.The forecasted weather was about 17 deg cel.)
  • Passports and wallets

6.45am: Leave home. My Brother-in-law called for a 7-seater taxi since his flight was around the same time as us, and he can claim from his company :). Managed to save more than S$50 since the 6 of us (my family of 5 plus FiL) won’t be able to fit into one normal taxi.

HKday1 2

Tzun, my BiL and I sat facing them, while my FiL sat in front with the driver.

7.30am: Reach Changi Airport Terminal 1. Self check-in for Jetstar. Had breakfast at the 24-hr Wang Cafe at the departure hall near Jetstar’s Row. Kaya Toast and Half-boiled eggs with hot milk tea or Milo. But N didn’t feel well. Probably car-sick….

Tip: In the morning, just go into the transit area for breakfast instead of having it outside at the public area. There are more choices. See below for more details.

We wasted some time waiting for each other to finish the food and toilet breaks. Finally, we went through the immigration. Took some photos at the Piazza Garden.

HKday1 5

As we were walking towards our gate, I discovered a play area!!! with food!!! and even free internet kiosks (which we locals don’t need of course). Argh…. We should have had our breakfast here… There’s Dunkin Donuts, Owl Transit (which is similar to Wang Cafe), and Sakae Sushi.

Changi Terminal 1

To go to the play/food area, turn right after going through the immigration

HKday1 10

View from the main walkway

HKday1 9

HKday1 11

HKday1 12

HKday1 8

You can see N has recovered as she was happily running around 🙂 Praise God!

HKday1 7

Fun for at least 15 mins. Very nice and slippery slides

9:40am: Jetstar flight to Hong Kong. We took one whole row, three on each side.

I was surprised that the legroom was not too bad, because they designed the magazine holder to be placed above the tray instead of below. Simple tweak of design without increasing space.

HKday1 17

The kids spent some time doodling, had their meal and crashed. If you don’t have paper, can always doodle on the vomit bag 🙂 I always make sure we ask the air steward for enough vomit bags. Then pack unused ones in your bag for emergencies 🙂

I added the S$40 Plus bundle which includes a meal and 20KG Check-in Luggage for each of us. But really, the food is not very nice. Comes with a bottle of mineral water and a cup of coffee or tea. For the kids, they can choose hot Milo for the hot beverage.  If I were to do it again, I will only add the Plus Bundle for 3 people for 60KG of luggage each way. Then order the S$5 instant noodles for my kids. A cup of hot Milo costs S$3.

They serve the food quite soon after the plane has stabilized but only the girls ate (esp N who didn’t eat earlier) because we were not hungry yet. You may tell them to serve you later, preferably not later than 1 hr before touch down. That way, we didn’t need to waste time having a meal later after getting our baggage. It was good that the girls ate already because they took a long nap after that.

HKday1 18

1:40pm: Plane touched down in Hong Kong International Airport. Nice view of the airport surrounded by foggy mountains. It was fun and exciting to walk down the stairs, onto the tarmac and into the runway bus that will bring us to the main building. There are only 6 seats in that bus, the rest of the passengers would have to stand. They packed everyone into one bus. It was cool to have the front of the bus open up in front so that we could walk straight into the building, instead of the small side doors we boarded from.


It took quite a long time for our luggages to arrive. So, go for your toilet break first so that you don’t waste time later. In fact, you can even buy/top up the Octopus card at the MTR Airport Express Customer Service Counters in the buffer hall (between customs and the arrival hall) if the queue is short. Otherwise, you can do so later in the arrival hall or on the airport station departure platform. Learn more about the Octopus Card. You can basically use it to pay for all forms of transport and even in retail shops and restaurants.

HKday1 19

1010 Shop to buy SIM Card. at Arrivals Meeters & Greeters Hall at Terminal 1 Level 5. Opens daily from 7am to 11pm.

After we walked through the arrival gate A, we turned right and saw the 1010 shop immediately as it was the first shop on the right. I thought there might be a One2Free shop, but when I asked the info counter, they said it was no more and the only place to get a SIM card is at 1010. Oh well… Spent H$118 each adult for 8 day 4G 5GB data.

HKday1 20

It was very convenient as all you need to do is to tell the server at the middle island table which one you want, 5 day $88 or $118 7 days. Pay her. Then join the next queue where another server would help you to change the SIM card and set up everything for you. Each SIM card takes an approx. 5-10 mins.

Actually I wanted to order my SIM card on which is cheaper at H$60 for 7 days 3GB data. But I couldn’t order it that same day. I think it’s better to order at least one or 2 days in advance to be safer.

After we settled the SIM Cards, we went to buy/top up the Octopus Cards. We topped up H$200 for 2 existing adult cards, and H$100 for 2 existing children cards since my SiL gave them to us. Then we bought one Elderly (above 65 yrs old) and one child (3-11 yrs old) card at H$170 each ($120 value, deposit H$50). Please note that if you want to refund what’s left in the card in the future, there would be a $9 refund handling fee. If it’s damaged, there would be a $30 damaged fee. Otherwise, just keep it and pass on to your friend/relative next time.

By the way, there are many dining options if you are hungry. But we just wanted to go to our hotel quickly.

HKIA Arrival Hall Map

3:00pm: Finally, we could go the taxi area to take a Red Urban taxi to our hotel. There were different queues for different coloured taxis.

We were told to take a “Taxi 5 Seats” red taxi, even though Tsuen Wan is considered part of the New Territories. Even though there are 6 of us, our 3 young kids can be considered as 2 adults because they are below 130cm. I got this info from the booklet below but many taxi drivers that we encountered were quite unhappy to let us take the cab. But with some broken Cantonese “Never mind lah”, alot of sheepish grins and a thick skin, we managed to take one cab every time throughout this trip. You can tell if a taxi is “Taxi 4 Seats or “Taxi 5 Seats” by the green semi-circle on the front and back of the taxi.

HKday1 22

We were given this card after being assigned to the taxi.

HKday1 24

This gives quite an accurate estimation of how much to pay

For more information about the taxis in Hong Kong, read about them at and

If you have problems telling the taxi driver where to go, you might want to buy and download the Hong Kong Taxi Translator app to your hp.


IMG_2016-04-20 16:18:35

We stayed at L’Hotel. The app also shows the han yu pin yin to teach you how to pronounce the name of the location in Cantonese in case you want to try saying it yourself instead of showing the taxi card (shown above), which shows the region (New Territories), area (Tsuen Wan), road name (8 Yeung Uk Road) and name of building (L’Hotel Nina).

HKday1 21

View of the Tsing Ma Bridge from inside the taxi.

The Tsing Ma Bridge is the world’s 9th longest suspension bridge in the world, and was the second longest at time of completion. The bridge was named after two of the islands on each end, namely Tsing Yi and Ma Wan.

The taxi ride took about 30mins as there wasn’t much traffic at all and the taxi driver drove very fast. All taxi drivers and small bus drivers drive very fast in Hong Kong. Quite scary but save time…

HKday1 23

Taxi fare: $168 + $45 ($30 Toll fee for the Lantau Link, $5 each for 3 luggages behind) = $213 (didn’t get charged $5 for my umbrella stroller)

We chose to take a taxi because it takes the shortest time and quite economical, considering there are 2 adults, 1 elderly and 3 children.

Other ways to get to L’Hotel:

  • Bus A31 (Double decker bus) from the airport to Nina Tower Bus Terminal which leaves every 20 mins. We took this bus from the hotel to the airport on the last day. the travelling time took exactly 1hr with not much traffic (excludes waiting and heavy traffic). The bus terminal is just next to the hotel. Very convenient. and there’s a big area for keeping the luggages on the bottom deck. $18.90 per person. (Total $113.40 for 6 of us) Can use Octopus Card. Total time: Plan up to 1hr 40mins to include waiting and traffic time. Good choice if you are not in a hurry.
  • Take the Airport Express for 1 stop  from the Airport to Tsing Yi (15mins ride), then take a taxi from Tsing Yi MTR station to L’Hotel. Cost: $60 each for 2 adults, $30 each for 1 elderly and 3 children + $(50 + $5 each luggage for 3 pcs=$65 taxi)= $305 for 6 people. Total time: about 30 mins (better include another 15mins to look for a taxi stand and wait). Good choice for 1 or 2 people and you are in a hurry. But I still feel taking a taxi all the way or Bus A31 are better choices.

We booked our rooms from L’Hotel’s website because there was some early bird discount with free wifi in the rooms.

We booked 2 Standard Rooms – Tower 1 (the shorter tower of max. 42 levels. Tower 2 has 89 levels!). Each room was an average of 34 sqm with 2 Queen beds. City View (instead of the nicer harbour view). Comes with a Bathtub and Shower Head, Coffee and Tea Making Facilities, Electric Kettle, Hairdryer. Mini Fridge, Personal Electronic Safe, LCD TV, IDD. Total Price: HKD 10,060.60

HKday1 26

HKday1 25

Why we chose L’Hotel at Tsuen Wan, even though it is so far away from the city centre:

  • Spacious rooms
  • 2 queen beds in each room. The 2 girls slept on one bed, Y and I slept on one bed. DH slept on one bed, and FiL slept on one bed.
  • Bath tub. My kids love to play in the bath tub. And this had been very helpful for me as I needed a hot bath soak in the tub every night because we walked so much the whole day and night daily.
  • Price is reasonable. If not for the last night on Saturday which pulled up my average night cost, it’s actually very cheap for 6 people.
  • I considered staying in an AirBnB nearer the city area but it wasn’t easy finding a cheap 2 toilets, with at least 2 or 3 separate rooms, near an MTR. And AirBnB doesn’t have daily room cleaning service, with daily change of towels which are hard to dry, and nice smooth, clean bedsheet. 6 nights leh…. Must change towel…. Call me pampered but…. this is a holiday right? Who want to worry about washing and cleaning clothes and towels and making beds during a holiday?! I worry about the quality of the bed mattresses in AirBnB also….
  • It’s not as crowded as the city area.
  • Cheaper food and shopping alternatives compared to the city? There are many small shops across the road, besides several malls, all within 20 mins walk.
  • It’s quite near Disneyland (20 mins taxi, $150) and Noah’s Ark at Ma Wan island (15 mins taxi, $120) and the airport (30 mins taxi, $230). So, taxi can be a reasonably-priced option for 6 of us, compared to the hassle of other forms of transport.
  • We are accessible by 2 MTR lines: Tsuen Wan West (5mins walk) on West Rail Line and Tsuen Wan (20 mins walk) on Tsuen Wan Line.
  • There’s a nice park called  Tsuen Wan Park with a playground just facing the hotel lobby!
  • We didn’t even have time to explore the hotel and make use of its facilities, like the indoor and outdoor swimming pools etc.

For more photos of the area near the hotel,

3.40pm: Check- in. Please remember to ask for non-smoking rooms! They didn’t ask me if I wanted, and I forgot to ask. So we had to waste time changing to another room.

5.15pm: Left the room. We were going to Sham Tseng area to meet a friend for dinner at Yue Kee Restaurant for Roast Goose. Sham Tseng is famous for eating roast goose, as there used to be a goose farm there. But now, most of their geese come from China…. Yue Kee is the oldest restaurant there, recommended by my FiL’s friend. But according to the friend we met for dinner, he heard that Singaporeans prefer the roast goose from Rhine Garden Restaurant.

Ways to get to Sham Tseng from L’Hotel:

  • Taxi (10 mins, $70)
  • Take small green bus 96 from Nina Tower Bus Terminus to Lido Garden. ($6.40 per person, $2 per elderly) We took this bus back to the hotel from outside Rhine Garden Restaurant and it took us only about 10-15 mins at night, where there wasn’t much traffic.
  • Take bus 234A ($6.10 per person) or 234B (big double decker bus) ($5.10 per person) from Tsuen Wan West Railway Station Bus Terminal, which is next to the Tsuen Wan West MTR station. Walk all the way in, it’s on the right( 10 mins walk). Alight at Sham Tseng Village. The bus ride was about 20-30 mins. We took this bus there, as it was suggested by the concierge at the hotel.

    Our friend brought us to the pier at Anglers’ Beach (short walk of about 5-10 mins from the bus stop) to see the view of the bridges, Ma Wan island and many many tiny fish and jellyfish in the polluted water. He actually brought us back again to see the night view after our dinner.

    HKday1 32

    The high-rise condominiums on the right are on Ma Wan island.

    HKday1 33

    HKday1 34

    HKday1 35

    Not very clear but can you many dark grey lines in the water. I think there are thousands and thousands of little fish in this photo. Too bad we can’t capture the jellyfish.

    HKday1 36

    Bellagio Towers residential units are behind us

    HKday1 37

    I am really hungry by now, after all this walk. Let’s go to Yue Kee already….

    HKday1 44

    Most roast goose restaurants are along the main road but we had to turn into a small narrow street, after the church kindergarten, to reach Yue Kee entrance (the red sign board on the right).

    HKday1 45

    The star of the show – half a roast goose, so that we have space in our tummy for other dishes 🙂

    HKday1 46

  • HKday1 50

    We had 1/2 a roast goose, broccoli with mushroom, duck’s tongue, sweet and sour pork, deep friend tofu thingy with nai bai. Spent about $800+ for 4 adults and 3 kids. Not very cheap… but good enough. Our friend was very generous to give us a treat.

    After such a full meal, our friend led us through a short trail behind the restaurant, further up the narrow street, turn left to see what remains of a village, and back to the main road. Then, we went back to the Anglers’ beach again to see the night view of the bridges. Also to work up an appetite for dessert.

    HKday1 51

    HKday1 54

    We didn’t order much dessert because we were still rather full from the dinner. While we wanted to try some iced dessert, we were scared the kids would start coughing so we ordered hot dessert instead. My FiL ordered chestnut paste, our friend ordered some papaya snow fungus thingy and I ordered the fried banana spring roll 焗香蕉酥皮卷 for the kids. Not too bad 🙂

    HKday1 55

    Dessert shop along the main road called Lucky Dessert.

    My friend bought a pack of roast goose rice for my FiL to try at the hotel room with him, just to taste the difference between Rhine Garden’s and Yue Kee’s roast goose.

    HKday1 63

    Photo-taking waiting for the roast goose takeaway, behind the bus stop.

    8.25pm: We decided to try a different bus and so we took the green minibus 96 back to Nina Bus Tower. Different bus companies have different bus stops. So look out for the right bus stop!

    We had no idea the minibus was so fast and thrilling! It was like a roller coaster ride with all the bends as we had to travel along the coast back to the hotel. The kids really enjoyed themselves.


HKday1 66

Reached the hotel at about 8.45pm. Another of my friend came to visit us and spent an hour here before going home. So sweet of her to come all the way here from IFC (Hong Kong island) and back :).

HKday1 68HKday1 67

Read about the rest of the Hong Kong Trip here:

Day 2

About Nique

CNY 2016.jpg

Hi, I am Nique. I’m an Indonesian Chinese who has been living in Singapore since I was 4 years old. I stay at home to look after my kids (Q8, N5, Y3). There’s an idiom called “Life’s no picnic”, which means life is not easy, with all its struggles and problems. It is usually worse when one is alone to face the problems.

Being a stay-home-mum can be lonely. But thank God He intervened and allowed me to meet a fellow stay-home-mum who lives just 3 storeys below my unit when my first kid Q was turning 4. It’s amazing how many similarities we have. Whether it’s the number of kids we have, or being in a band in Secondary School, or both our husbands are in similar church ministries. Many of struggles we face are similar. I learn alot from her faith journey as she shared freely her thought processes and faith journey. From then on, I got to know a few more neighbours. We like to meet up to eat, walk and talk, with playdates for our kids as an excuse :). Just like how we enjoy having picnics with other people, we need a community (church, family, friends, neighbours, colleagues etc) to walk through life with.

And what is a picnic without food? I love to eat, which explains my size :). Cook? Not so much… While my mum can cook very well, most of the time I make do with dishes that have very few steps and ingredients. Perfect for busy mothers with young kids. I will be sharing some recipes that pulled me through these years. But I want to learn new dishes and expose a greater variety of food to my kids.

I am interested in learning more about food science and nutrition, and the world around us, to be wowed by the awesome character and attributes of our Creator through the things He has made.

Follow me in my journey as I try to make my life a picnic as I work through my life struggles and challenges, with the help of God the Holy Spirit. Life CAN be a picnic if we open up ourselves to others in a community and taste the wonderful creation that God has made.

I would love to hear and learn from you as well. Please feel free to comment. Remember to type words of grace, words to encourage and build others up, and not to tear others down. I will remove any comments which I think is nasty or threatening.

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